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28 de Noviembre, 2009 · General

World's Tallest Structure | DUBAI | Burj Dubai | 824.6m | 2704ft | 162 fl | T/O

MoreWorld's Tallest Structure  DUBAI  Burj Dubai  824.6m  2704ft  162 fl  T/O


Burj Dubai Official Website -

The Burj Dubai will be the world's tallest tower and the centerpiece of the Gulf regions most prestigious urban development to date
Height: 818m
Floors: 162
Use: Mixed (hotel, res and office)
Architect: SOM
Developer: Emaar


I felt a new thread for this project was necessarily because of the insane amount of non-stop drivel being posted in the previous one. The entire thread is filled with either people posting crap or people complaining about others posting crap and it's time for that to end.
Of course there has been a massive positive contribution as well, loads of renders, 1000s of photos, inside info and so on, I just think it's time to give this thread a fresh start.

We're going to need some new guidelines, otherwise we'll just end up with the same old drivel filled thread again so here they are:

1: When posting lots of photos at once you can have a few large photos in the same post but if you have a lot more the rest should be thumbnailed, not everyone has an ultra-fast connection. To do this you can go to and do it there. A model post can be found here
2: Quoting other people's pictures should not be done (unless there's a good reason for doing so). If you want to comment about someone's photos you can quote their text or just refer to the photo but don't repost it.
3: Reposting loads of old photos will not be allowed unless the photos are reposted for a good reason (ie, to explain something) or just happen to be insanely good (such as the night shot in this thread).
4: Please do not post trivial info that everybody already knows, or exists just a few pages back (ie, "I think the building will have about 160 floors", "when was the last update?", etc).
5: Please limit the amount of "great updates" type posts. If you want to make such a comment you can but make sure a lot of people haven't said similar things right before you.
6: Any post complaining about another member will be deleted, if you have problems with someone else PM the mods and we'll sort it out. This was a real problem in the previous thread and will NOT be tolerated this time.
7: If you post someone else's photo then please give a link where you got it from or else mention the creator's name.
8: When quoting multiple posts please combine them all into one post rather than creating lots of posts in a row.

There are probably some more I could list but can't think of them off the top of my head. They're more like guidelines anyway rather than black and white rules but you get the idea, ie, more quality vs quantity.
The best thing to do before you click the "submit reply" button is read back over your post and ask yourself, will people be interested in reading my post? If the answer is no then it might be better not to bother posting it.


Now for the Burj Dubai stuff

The previous thread

Some websites:


More pictures of a different model (of the entire burj dubai downtown project):

October 10th, 2007 diagram from Culwulla:

Burj Dubai Downtown render:

Amazing night shot (Old):

Skyline shot:

Latest photo update (October 2007):

I will add more stuff to the first post when new info comes out.

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